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European visa is known as Schengen visa, which include 26 countries in it. Student can get the study visa in Europe without IELTS. After completing the study, student can roam in any country without any restriction. More over study in Europe is short process. 

A student visa best translates into a genuine authorization the government of the designated country issues to students who are already accepted at a certified educational establishment. The holder of this type of visa is not required to have the citizenship of the designated country in order to follow studies yet it is no immigrant visa either. Every student with the citizenship of a country that requires a visa to enter the Schengen zone must obtain a student visa in order to follow studies in the educational institute of the designated Schengen country.

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• A valid travel document/ passport (At least 3 months up to its expiration date)

• Documentation to prove how you intend to support your stay in Europe. You may present the following as a proof of means of subsistence: cash in convertible currency, cheque books for a foreign currency account, credit cards or any other means that guarantees funds in hard currency.

• Two current passport-sized photos (Appropriate for the designated embassy/consulate)

• Medical/travel insurance valid for your entire stay in the Schengen country

• Letter of acceptance from your university

• A bank receipt to prove you have paid the processing fee

• PCC( if applicable)

Without IELTS in most countries, but some accept low IELTS score.

Yes, work right is 20 hours per week. (it may be different depending upon countries.)

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